Sources for Flint, Michigan.

Sterbenz, Christina, and Erin Fuchs. “How Flint, Michigan Became The Most Dangerous City In America.” Business Insider. June 16, 2013. Accessed February 10, 2015.

This article is about how Flint has become a more dangerous city over time and the impacts on a city that has no major industry. I think this article will be good if I include any modern facts inside the paper. Sterbenz is a journalist with a public affairs degree and Fuchs is just a journalist.


Fine, Sidney. Sit-down: The General Motors Strike of 1936-1937. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1969.

This book covers the GM strike in Flint which will hopefully give insight on how the strike influenced what happened in Flint. Sidney Fine was a professor of history at The University of Michigan.


Highsmith, Andrew. “Beyond Corporate Abandonment: General Motors and the Politics of Metropolitan Capitalism in Flint, Michigan.” Journal of Urban History 40, no. 1, 31-47. Accessed February 11, 2015.

This article is about the effects GM had on Flint by making it the headquarters and then pulling out into different areas. I think this article will be good in writing about the decline in the population of the city and some reasons behind it. Highsmith graduated from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor with a major in history.


Basset, Ellen, John Schweitzer, and Sarah Panken. “Understanding Housing Abandonment and Owner Decision-Making in Flint, Michigan: An Exploratory Analysis.” Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Working Paper.

This paper details the widespread abandonment of the city of Flint. I think this article will help with understanding the reasoning behind the abandonment of the city. The authors are all in Urban and Regional planning with other backgrounds.


Highsmith, Andrew R. Demolition Means Progress: Race, Class, and the Deconstruction of the American Dream in Flint, Michigan. 2009.

This book is basically a biography on the city of flint which goes from before the labor strikes all the way up to today. This information is useful for referencing and finding other information on the strike, white flight, and the abandonment seen today. Highsmith is a historian as stated above.

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