Flint, MI. Maps

ACS_13_5YR_S1901 Flint Mi Households
o even though this says Income in the past 12 months I’m pretty sure it is households per district in the county. Flint is in the middle where there are a bunch of smaller sections. You can see most of the middle has fewer people with the exception of the southwest side.

ACS_13_5YR_B17015 People’s Income below poverty
This one shows where people who make below the poverty level live. The majority is around the City of Flint. Combined with the above map you can tell that not only are there less households in Flint but the ones that are there also make less money.

ACS_13_5YR_S1501 Education Attained_Less than high school grad.
This map shows the percentage of people with less than the equivalent of a high school graduation. Although it is spread throughout the county most of the districts around Flint are the deepest color, indicating that 32-63% of the people living their have less than a high school graduate education.

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